SODA, a mobile security start-up providing the founding layer to secure files and communications across all platforms

Country: Singapore
Year: 2014logo 300
Launched in 2014, SODA, a mobile security solutions start-up, is dedicated to Mobile Token Virtualization Infrastructure.
The company uses advanced Token Virtualization Technology as a security infrastructure to implement mobile PKI security for mobile apps and payments. SODA’s main target are enterprise customers. Its tokenization is a cross-platform Enterprise Security Infrastructure which can support any application in any environment and address consumerization trends.
Soda was named “Most Innovative Start-up” at RSAC APJ Innovation Sandbox start-up competition in Singapore.


  • SODA Suite includes SODA App, SODA Box and SODA Chat.
  • SODA App safeguards all sensitive information in transit and restored in the back-end. SODA Box supports files storage and encryption on the cloud. SODA Chat encrypts messages sent between parties and groups. Finally, SODA Post allows its users to encrypt messages and files on mobile devices as a complementary service to e-mail providers.
  • SODA is mainly targeting enterprises. Organizations can use its vToken technology to prevent data from being exposed and damaged, which can create high management cost.

Consumer Benefits

  • Cutting-edge security technology: As the founder claimed: “Soda’s Virtual Token (vToken) is the first true universal token virtualisation framework for all mobile applications – across platforms, devices, and environments (including the cloud and back-end systems)”.
  • Comprehensive suite for enterprises: It covers web, desktop and mobile solutions (App, Chat, Box) providing various functionalities to support business goals.
  • Cross Platform: All platforms and environments supported. Making data security accessible to everyone through the cross-platform business plan.

How it works

  • Install SODA’s Suite for Enterprises to replace non-encrypted P2P messaging, file management, cloud-storage and document sharing tools.
  • Extend functionalities of each product (SODA App, SODA Box, SODA Chat) to support B2B model (e.g. business partners, vendors,etc) or B2C model (e.g. sales, payment, customer support, etc).
  • Using an easy way to implement encrytpion while sharing files and messages on mobile or PC apps with a single ID.


Coverage of SODA vToken’s secure-SSO(Single Sign On) solutions. It allows enterprises to easily manage mobile applications and ensures the safety of sensitive contents.
(from official website’s hand book)


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