Launch year: 2010
Country: Luxembourg
Funds raised: €150,000

SOGEXIA, a customer centered neobank

Concept description

Sogexia, the Luxembourg Neobank.

  • Sogexia is a neobank providing a 100% online & mobile account.
  • The bank provides two types of accounts, a personal one and a business one.
  • Real time tools are proposed in order to manage bank transfers, credit cards and direct debits.
  • Transactions are real time, bank transfers are effective with no delay. 
  • Many features help clients save money such as cashback at +900 merchants, spending analysis, international transfers with competitive foreign exchange rates and a no hidden fees guarantee.
  • Sogexia is in partnership with BNP Paribas for the sequestration of funds.
  • In April 2020, Sogexia had around 190,000 costumers.

Value proposition

Sogexia value proposition is competing with traditional banks.

  • Consumers are able to open an account in few minutes without conditions or hidden costs.
  • A bookeeping & analytics solution helps manage the budget and easily understand where money goes.
  • Cashback with partners of the Sogexia Club.
  • Consumers can control their account directly with their mobile or laptop in transparency and simplicity.

Illustration (Video)

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