Sproutling launched a machine-learning monitor that predicts a baby’s sleeping patterns, mood and room conditions

Country: USA
Year: 2014


  • Sproutling provides personalized insights for parents via a smart phone app to deliver the results of 16 measurements in real time such as: baby’s heart rate, predicting when the baby will wake up, if the baby rolled over, the baby’s mood when he or she wakes up, the brightness and noise levels of the room, in case the baby has a hard time sleeping, the room temperature etc.
  • The wearable, made of hypoallergenic and medical-grade silicone, is washing machine safe, has a removable sensor and a wireless charger bowl in which the user can drop the band for charging

Consumer Benefits

  • Sharing community: the app can be shared amongst parents, babysitters etc. who are interested to know the situation of the baby
  • Alerts: the app tells in how much time a sleeping baby will wake up and in what mood. It also alerts parents in case baby has sudden high temperature, inconsistent heart beat or other urgent issues
  • Location-based: Sproutling has a proximity sensor so it can tell you if the wearable has fallen off the baby

How To Use

  • The Sproutling Baby Monitor consists of three connected devices:
    • A wearable sensor, embedded in a soft, breathable and hypoallergenic ankle band, that monitors a baby’s heart rate, skin temperature, motion and sleep position
    • A separate smart charger in the baby’s room that wirelessly charges the band and is also equipped to monitor the baby’s environment, including room temperature, humidity, sound and light
    • A mobile app communicates the insights gleaned from analyzing the information collected by the band and the charger, and sends real-time notifications to parents when their attention is needed



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