Square leverages on partnerships with Starbucks to popularize its wallet

Country: United Statessquare
Year: 2012

  • Square app focuses on making customer experience simple and intuitive
  • The partnership between Starbucks and Square aims at being pioneers in spreading the technology to a massive scale and starting a virtuous circle for both companies


  • Context:
    • Square is a mobile payment company in which Starbucks has invested 25M$ in Square
  • Concept
    • Customers are able to pay their Starbuck beverage with Square wallet app that is linked directly to debit or credit cards. Customers no longer have to reload their Starbucks balances.
    • Square’s solution also eliminates the need for paper receipts, keeping track of them digitally within the app. To pay at Starbucks, customers simply need to open the Wallet app and scan their QR code at the counter.

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