STARCOM Systems’ Olympia is an App linked to a GPS tracking system as well as for fleets of vehicles, containers or personal items

Country: UK   starcom systems
Year: 2014

STARCOM Systems created an app that enables the user to track in real-time the movements of the merchandise, vehicles, containers as well as people on which the tracking device is. 
The App and the device could be used for: 

  • Business to Business insurance: This device with an integrated GPS could be suggested to the insurance companies’ corporate clients that are willing to protect their merchandise from robbery or deterioration. It could also be a part of a protection for professionals who don’t want to lose their work material: computers, phone etc.

Value Proposition

  • STARCOM Systems is a software and a device that once installed and fixed on merchandise, container or personal belonging, will track them
  • The integrated GPS enables the user to track in real-time the movements of the assets such as: Vehicle tracking, container tracking, personal tracking, merchandise tracking, and a smart lock that reports if someone attempts to remove it
  • The movements can be tracks thanks to the mobile App called Olympia Tracking
  • The company has different security accreditations such as: E 24 certification, Safety certification etc.

Consumer Benefits

  • Create events alerts: thanks to the technology, the user can program special events that if occurring will alert the user. For example, if the GPS tracker records that a bag of money has been opened outside a bank, the user will get an automatic alert. This is fully customizable
  • Geolocation alerts: if the tracked object leaves a certain defined area, the user will get an automatic alert

How it works

  • The user buys the device that can be then attached to any kind of objects he wants to track
  • He then, gets the real-time tracking reports on his phone directly via the Olympia Tracking App uploaded for free
  • Click on the picture bellow if you would like to read more about the company

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