Stratumn is a plug and play blockchain cloud service for developers looking to use build applications on the blockchain (TBC)

Country: France stratuum
Year: 2015


Built on Chainscript (a JavaScript implementation of audit chains), Stratumn’s objective is to facilitate the building, deploying and running of Blockchain Apps by providing developers and enterprises with the necessary infrastructure and tools. Businesses can use the blockchain to write, execute and verify business workflows or documents and check smart contracts, “proof of existence” without referring to third parties or regulators. As a result, workflows become transparent, easy to audit and non-falsifiable.

  • As of April 2016, Stratum is currently built around Bitcoin technology, and is planning to expand its product range to include monitoring dashboards, block explorers as well as other blockchains and a blockchain “store”
  • Stratum’s aim is to bridge the gap between permissionless blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin with private blockchains, such as those of financial institutions

Consumer Benefits

  • Simple: Stratumn users are not required to have an in-depth blockchain mining expertise or advanced coding skills
  • Transparent: Its API clearly shows each step of the workflow
  • Saves time & cost: Stratum can be used without customisations, thus reducing development time and costs

How to use

  • Stratumn users can use Chainscript to describe each process step. Cryptographic verification which can not be modified can be added at this stage.
  • Using basic JavaScript (JSON files), users can integrate their workflows with the blockchain.
  • The ‘Fossiliser’ tool generates proof of the workflow and sets the data like a fossil into the blockchain where it will remain.
  • Stratum currently operates on a private beta version and interested parties can contact Stratum directly through their website for a quote.


  • Stratumn’s CEO Richard Caetano pitches at Exec I/O conference in Frankfurt:

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