Launch year: 2015
Country: France
Funds raised: €8.300.000

Stratumn, the blockchain specialist for business-to-business relationships

Concept description

Stratumn is a softwoare provider specialized in the traceability and simplification of inter-partner exchanges.

Its principal offer is the Trace platform.

  • Trace is a simple and flexible software that can be used from any computer, connected object or mobile device.
  • This service improves the traceability of all the formal exchanges managed with partners.
  • It optimises the contractualisation process between insurers and brokers with a guarantee of transparency.
  • The platform makes it also possible to manage contracts from their subscription to their termination.

Value proposition

Reinventing business-to-business relationships with Blockchain technology

  • Trace platform is based on their Proof of Process protocol.
  • This protocol records every process interaction in order to ensure participants confidence.
  • Furthermore, the platform has a strong experience in blockchain technology and cryptography.
  • Stratumn can create application by combining blockchain, cartography and Proof of Process technologies.
  • Theses technologies offer multiple solutions such as financial flow traceability, insurance claim automation or KYC.

Illustration (Video)

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