Launch year: 2020
Country: Australia
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Funds raised: $8 million in latest funding round as of September 2020

Superhero – Trade for $5

Concept description

Superhero allows retail traders to make trades for a flat $5 fee, with a minimum of $100 in capital. The company’s goal is to make investing accessible and understandable for everyone, including seasoned traders and young investors. The platform allows users to manage their portfolio in real-time.


Value proposition

Users can invest in shares, REITs and ETFs from their mobile phone or desktop, for a low fee of $5 per trade. The company also provides traders with real-time data and detailed investment tracking. As a reseult, Superhero aims to make trading more accessible to Australians through its low cost model.



The app also includes Superhero Wallet, a cash management account built into a Superhero trading account, where uninvested cash is held, trades will be settled to and from and where any income or investment distributions are received.

Illustration (Video)

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