Sure is an insurance app providing on-demand and micro-duration personal protection coverage during air travel

Country: United Statessure
Year: 2015

  • Education on personal protection: Sure could be a means for an insurance company to sensitize mass market customer segments to personal protection in a specific context, before upgrading them to a long-term coverage.


  • Sure is a free mobile app providing users with micro-duration personal protection coverage during their airplane travels, from take-off to landing, to protect the user’s family in the event of an accident. Sure targets users that are not comfortable with traveling by plane.
  • 3 types of coverage are available: Basic (ex: $9,99 premium for a $100,000 coverage), Full and Premium. Plans are underwritten by ACE.
  • Personal protection plans can be purchased on the Sure app for any flight in the United States. It is available up to one year in advance of travel, and until the time of the flight departure.
  • The worldwide rollout is planned for 2016 (no further information available for the time being).

Consumer Benefits

  • Adapted price: users only pay the coverage only for the duration of their flight.
  • Time-saver: users can subscribe and purchase insurance directly through the app and be insured instantly.
  • Calming: users know that their loved ones will be taken care off in any case.

How to use

  • Users download the Sure app from Apple app Store or Google Play and sign up by providing their personal information or using Facebook Connect.
  • They find the flight they have booked by selecting its departure date, airline and flight number.
  • Once they found their flight, users enter their passenger details and select their coverage to get insured instantly.


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