Launch year: 2019
Country: United Kingdom
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Funds raised: $3.2M

Sust Global

Concept description

Sust Global is a climate risk analytics platform.

The company is located both in London (UK) and San Francisco (USA). It was born in 2017, counts about 20 employees on its team, and was able to raise $3.2M since its foundation.

Sust Global allows financial analysts, investors, and corporates to gain insights into physical climate risk and greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to the frontier climate data model (CMIP6), Sust Global enables:

  • Near-real-time sustainable tracking
  • Monitoring of global assets
  • Projects across supply chains
  • Regulatory compliance & disclosures.

The key component of the business is the ability to provide credible climate data, validated against several satellite and geospatial data sources.

Value proposition

Sust Global’s motto is  “Climate Analytics for a changing world“. Indeed, the fintech company recognizes the need to monitor climate change, the physical risk, and the GHG emissions as rising needs when operating a business.

Within this framework, Sust Global offers an innovative product: API. This is a proprietary geospatial data service that validates via satellite climate models and GHG emissions. Thanks to the usage of business intelligence this approach can be adapted to assets, portfolios, and properties anywhere on planet earth. Indeed, API can be integrated into various processes, services, and products.

Specifically, the latter technology can, not only support customer regulatory disclosure and reporting, but also manage long-term risk, and the creation of a new product.

Each user is provided with a tailored dashboard called the “Climate Explorer“. This tool allows you to keep track of climate analytics and combines the workforce of data scientists and machine learning engineers aim to validate the data.

Finally, Sust Global also provides an “Insight” page where it collects a series of articles about the latest regulations and technology advancements Blog 2 — Sust Global | Validated Climate Analytics and APIs.

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