Taviq helps private bankers to acquire new clients by providing them with digital solutions

Country: Finland

Year: 2015


  • Taviq offers a web-software that enables private bankers to turn prospects into new paying clients.
  • The solutions is built with two interfaces. One is used by the private banker and the other, called the Profiler, is used by the potential new client.
  • The software gathers information about the client’s needs and does a client-risk analysis that is based on user’s behavior. All of these information points are sent to the private banker who can then can prepare the client’s meeting.
  • Depending on the advisor’s profile, the private bank can choose which advisor will best fit the client’s profile.

Consumer Benefits

  • Improve sales by having a better hit rate in gaining new paying clients.
  • Improve cold calling: The advisor will have better knowledge of the client before setting up a call.
  • Fits to current sales process: Seamless integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Redtail CRM and Salesforce CRM.

How to use

  • The advisor invites its clients to use the Profiler. The advisor can then collect information on client’s investment needs, style and life situation.
  • Taviq provides actionable results that enables the advisors to prepare meetings with the clients.



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