Tinkoff Credit Systems has launched an insurance contract for football fans during the world cup

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Country: Russia
Year: 2014

  • Leverage on a word event to propose specific insurance contracts
  • Limited duration insurance contracts


  • Tinkoff, a Russian Bank, has launched a specific insurance contract to Russian football fans
  • The offer covers users if:
    • They drink too much after the game
    • They get hurt during the match
  • The covered amount is determined according to the team level (if they are good players or not) and to its elimination from the word cup
  • For example, if the user is a Brazil fan, and he’s concerned by one of the mentioned cases, he benefits from a coverage of 5 000 руб (106€)  if the team is eliminated in the round of 16, 10 000 py6 (214€) if it is in the quarter finals …etc.

Keyword: personalization

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