Token provides a free secured payment app that hides the identity of the payer

Country: USAToken
Year: 2013


  • Token enables its users to pay without using their credit card
  • It uses sophisticated algorithms in order to provide a payment app that prevents fraud and identity theft by not revealing the real person’s identity
  • The identity of the users are not saved on any data repository on the internet in order to protect the privacy and issues a new identity for each new transaction instead

Consumer Benefits

  • Identity protection: every time the user makes a payment using the app, a new identity is automatically created in order to protect the real one
  • Credit card free: the user makes payments without using a credit card

How to use

  1. The user downloads the app on his phone
  2. He uses the app to pay
  3. Token creates a one time identity in order to protect the user’s identity

token illustration


  • The co-founder of Token presents the company:
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