TransferWise offers a user-friendly and secure way to transfer money

Country: UKtransferwise
Year: 2011

  • International money transfers are usually pricey because of hidden fees charged by banks
  • TransferWise makes cheaper transactions possible because they use the real mid-market rate and charge a low, clearly stated fee for handling
  • According to what they claim, their overall cost can be “up to 85% less than banks or PayPal”

Consumer Benefits

  • Low fees, transparency about costs and user-friendliness are TransferWise’s key differentiators
    • The process of transferring money is broken down into 5 easy, understandable steps
    • All costs and fees are clearly displayed
    • Users know how much they save on average by using TransferWise compared to what they would have had to pay with their bank

Comparison TransferWise VS Average Bank

How to use it

  • As with most online services, users must login either with social credentials-Facebook, Google- or create a new account
  • Once logged in, follow the steps:
    1. How much would you like to transfer?
    2. Add your details
    3. Recipient details
    4. Confirm transfer details
    5. Upload your money
    6. They make the transfer
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