Launch year: 2015
Country: Sweden
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Funds raised: $7.4M


Concept description

Trine is a Fintech firm that provides a novel financial product: investments in solar companies located in emerging markets. The ultimate goal is to offer different types of loans to support sustainable businesses around the world.

The company was born in 2015 in Sweden and today counts a small team of about 15 employees and a capital of $7.4M.

The UNDP (United Nations Development Program) is one of its partners because they both share the commitment to achieving Sustainable Goal 7 on the agenda for affordable green energy.

Moreover, the company’s commitment has been recognized by different institutions, such as the WWF awarding them with the “Climate Solver” in 2016.

Value proposition

For people, for the planet, for profit” is the company motto.

Trine’s product provides the users with different loans opportunities, based on: impact, location, risk, and size.

The investment can start from €25, up to cover the full amount needed by a specific borrower/initiative. And the main destination of the funds collected is to sell and distribute solar power.

After the registration on Trine’s website, each user gains access to a dashboard where to keep track of the loan repayment and see in real-time the achievements in terms of tons of Co2 avoided and people who gained access to electricity. The latter metrics are calculated by counting how many fossil fuel-based lanterns each solar system or solar lantern will replace  – SHS (Solar Home System) – and the average household size getting access to electricity.

Trine combines both environmental and social impacts.

Another incentive given to the users is that the loans are repaid with interests. Moreover, the default rate is currently very small (1.2%) and it is always possible to automatically reinvest the money in new initiatives.

The investors can be either private or institutional but must be located within the EEA or Switzerland.

As mentioned before, Trine works hard on building partnerships with businesses working to invest in a green future. Their website also offers Insights about the companies doing, as well as the year-end review 2021 | Trine.


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