Launch year: July, 2006
Country: United Kingdom
Funds raised: 622.4 M


Concept description

Truphone provides mobile network services for financial industry compliance. Truphone provides recording services on mobile communications, as live chat, voice, sms and email on a worldwide basis. With Truphone for Finance, you can store all recorded content in our own highly secure globally co-located private cloud environment or deliver the media in real-time directly into a firm’s existing archive and surveillance environment for compliant recording in real-time.

Value proposition

Our global Truphone for Finance platform simply enables the capture of all necessary voice calls. Once captured, they can be securely stored in the Truphone Cloud service or securely transmitted in real-time to your own infrastructure to be stored alongside your other voice recordings.

Truphone mobile recording captures SMS messages on any device with no change in behaviour for any of the participants. Moreover, Truphone offer social media channels (as WhatsApp and WeChat) within a control framework, enabling usage to be controlled and monitored.

Truphone also integrates their  unique global mobile network directly into Microsoft Teams. It enables a Teams user to make and receive calls on their mobile with all communications registering.

From a compliance surveillance and control perspective, TruPhone can manage and capture communications events (by live chat, email, voice, sms). These can be stored securely in the Truphone cloud or delivered securely in real-time to your own environment.

Illustration (Video)

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