Tyro is Australia's largest independent EFTPOS provider

Country: Australia
Year: 2001


  • Tyro offers Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale (EFTPOS) with no lock-in contract.
  • Tyro offers loan repayment options that are based on the daily EFTPOS sales of a business and within minutes the funds are in a smart account with no guarantee needed.
  • Tyro also offers a smart account service with no hidden fees and no increasing interest rates over time. Customers can even make their payments with Apple’s smartphone assistant, Siri.

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy: Accounts can be paid in any way a costumer needs and loans are payable in a flexible way depending on the customers’ cash flow. There is no contract, so customers are free to stop using Tyro if it doesn’t suit their needs anymore.
  • No hidden fees: The smart account is free and offers increasing interest rates.
  • Fast : Tyro EFTPOS allow transactions to be very fast (less than 2 second). Loan funds are in the customers’ smart account within minutes.

How To Use

  • Buy EFTPOS for your business in Australia.
  • Manage the smart account and benefit from all the applications.
  • Contract a loan: 
  • Step 1: Log in your Tyro Application
  • Step 2 : Customize the loan repayments modality
  • Step 3: Accept the loan and receive funds within 60s



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