Launch year: 2018
Country: France
Funds raised: €10,000,000

Ubble – Using video live streaming and AI against fraud

Concept description

Ubble is a startup which enables businesses to fight against fraud

  • The verification solution is designed to be integrated easily into the front or back office of a client thanks to Ubble’s API
  • Easy to install with no requirement, the video data is stored on highly secured servers
  • An integrated dashboard provides clients all the verification made
  • The Ubble solution works on all type of channels such as web desktop, mobile web, apps, tablets, etc.

Value proposition

Ubble is the only online identity verification solution based on live streaming video and artificial intelligence technologies

  • It helps to detect fraud without friction in a secure environment compatible with all channels
  • Ubble’s solution is user friendly with interactive flow and instant response. It is also compliant with regulations such as GDPR
  • The fintech helps banks to fight new types of digitally specific frauds that are developing.  Indeed, the use of forged identity documents to open an online bank account is more frequent
  • Ubble’s technologies are in synergy with the systems put in place by the banks. It is added to fill the security gap created during the digitization and automation of the contact

Illustration (Video)

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