Uniphore harnesses the power of speech analytics to deliver an outstanding consumer service experience to its clients

Country: Indiauniphore
Year: 2015

  • Improve customer service: an insurance company could use this technology for its call centers to better serve its clients and build customer loyalty
  • Drive revenues: the data gathered thanks to this technology could be used to improve trainings. It will allow the insurance companies to train call center agents on how to convert potential clients into existing ones, and how to identify upselling or cross-selling opportunities during conversations


  • Uniphore is a voice-based technology (voice biometrics, virtual speech assistant and speech analytics) that uses speech analytics to help clients improve consumer experience, build customer loyalty, prevent fraud and increase revenues
  • Its patented technology can conduct real time analytics, keyword spotting and sentiment analytics to facilitate interaction with customers, increase efficiency, reduce compliance costs and identify upselling or cross-selling opportunities

Consumer Benefits

  • Premium consumer experience: improve consumer experience, engage them in conversations in a completely interactive manner, anticipate needs, and facilitate problem-solving in real time
  • Fraud prevention and identity security: deliver top class service, eliminate fraud and identity theft, a faster and more secure experience

How it works

  • Voice conversations between contact center agents and consumers: extract meaningful insights from keyword spotting and emotion detection
  • Voice print compared with an existing voice-print database to confirm identity of the user
  • Consumers ask questions in their own words, and get the desired answer regardless of the way the question has been asked


  • Uniphore presentation on Youtube
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