UTU is a global loyalty and rewards platform created to enable people to convert, earn and redeem points from multiple merchants via a single app on their smartphone

Country: Thailand 
Year: 2016


  • UTU partners with financial institutions, credit card companies, and merchants to consolidate reward points at home and overseas into a single point of contact
  • The platform offers a merchant portal that allows companies to offer promotions and track return on engagement
  • So doing, UTU offers a simple way for consumers to earn and manage reward points, while giving merchant an unprecedented tool to engage with their customers

Consumer Benefits

  • Integrated loyalty program: multiple local and international loyalty programs (credit cards, debit cards, merchants, etc.) can be aggregated into a single platform
  • Ease of managing reward points: points can easily be managed from anywhere in the world on the platform and redeemed directly at select merchants
  • Relevant deals from merchants: through the merchant platform, customers can access special promotions and offers that are relevant to their shopping habits

How To Use

  • Users downloads the free mobile application and register up to five credit/debit cards
  • Merchants contribute to the platform by publishing their reward program
  • Reward points are accumulated and converted when customers shop through the UTU platform
  • Points can be spent at any participating redemption outlet


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