Launch year: 2018
Country: France
Funds raised: €2.1 million

Virgil enables anyone to get a bank loan without any personal contribution

Concept description

  • Virgil is a Fintech that enables anyone who wishes to buy an apartment to do so without any personal contribution
  • The future owner fills out a quick questionnaire to assess how much Virgil could invest into the property (up to 100,000 euros). At the end of the questionnaire a simulation is provided
  • Virgil doesn’t borrow money. It invests into the property to help the future owner get the loan he/she needs with the bank
  • The investment lasts up to 10 years after which the owner has to refund Virgil


Value proposition

For the end user:

  • Helps young and ambitious workers to get their first apartment even if they don’t have personal contribution and start building their real-estate patrimony early on

In terms of business model for Virgil:

  • Virgil invests into young owner’s properties just like an investor would invest money into a Start-up
  • Therefore, if Virgil invests 10%, they own 15% of the property
  • Virgil also charges 2000 euros for the administrative fees

Illustration (Video)

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