Launch year: 2014
Country: Canada
Funds raised: $114 million

Wealthsimple : get rich slow, save and invest

Concept description

Value proposition

Wealthsimple offers a solution for investors of all ages looking to take the next step on the road to long-term financial security. It is indeed an intelligent portfolio of low-fee funds. Because there is no minimum account, it is easy for new investors to start using the service.

Their investment approach relies on Modern Portfolio Theory. To clarify, MPT is an investment theory developed by Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz. This theory most importantly shows clients that they can minimize risk and maximize return by diversifying their investments. The solution helps choosing the right level of risk for each customer.

As a result, Wealthsimple offers five different portfolios : conservative, balanced, growth, socially responsible or Halal. In addition, the custom portfolio will take the financial goals of a client into account.

Illustration (Video)

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