Launch year: 2008
Country: France
Funds raised: €1,000,000

Weezpay – the cashless payment solution for events

Concept description

Weezevent was created in April 2008 and was the first French self-service ticketing solution in the form of online software for event organizers. The software allows to create tailor-made event, offer tickets or invitations online, promote events and manage access control on D-Day. Weezevent created Weezpay following the acquisition of Nemopay in 2015.

Weezpay is a cashless payment solution for events. The application has many features:

  • Online account recharging & reimbursement : integrated on event’s website or mobile application
  • NFC wristband or card pairing via ticket
  • Intra-site access control (VIPs, volunteers)
  • Inventory real-time monitoring

How the solution works:

  • For event participants, electronic ticket is replaced by a bracelet or card that allows access to an event and consumption on site. Reloadable online before or during the event, this sesame allows participants to move around an event with their hands in their pockets
  • For professionals, this solution allows to track sales, manage inventory and accounting in real time, eliminate checkouts, and offer new services to customers

Weezevent counts tens of thousands of event organizers customers of all sizes operating in all event sectors, primarily in Europe and increasingly in Canada.


Value proposition

Weezpay’ benefits are numerous:

  • Secure the cash management: With the cashless solution, clients reduce their collection points, limit theft risk and thus improve money traceability
  • A foolproof POS terminal: 100% mobile, waterproof, shock-resistant and autonomous, their cashless terminals can withstand any type of use, including in difficult conditions (water, grease, etc.)
  • A revolution for all types of events: The dematerialized payment is not limited to a type of event. Thanks to the multiplicity of its functions, uses, and possible devices, the cashless solution can be used everywhere (festivals, stadiums, arenas, trade shows…)
  • Optimize sale process: Thanks to the cashless payment method, sales pace increases all in improving customers and employees’ experiences
  • Stock Monitoring: The cashless solution includes a real-time monitoring of products consumption. It helps their customers anticipate stock shortages and manage their refill

Illustration (Video)

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