Wesave is a digital wealth management platform that offers savings products at a lower costs than traditional institutions

Country: France
Year: 2016


  • WeSave is an online insurance brokerage offer launched by the company Anatec
  • The roboadvisor is an up-market wealth management platform that works alongside the French insurance Suravenir and offers online savings products such as life insurance
  • Unlike other roboadvisors in France, Wesave insists on keeping a human part. The platform combines human skills (market analysts, fund experts, and wealth managers) with high-tech that collects and analyzes financial and economic data
  • WeSave’s target market is people aged between 35-65  years old with financial assets superior to €100,000.
  • Users can subscirbe from a minimum of €10,000 per contract
  • WeSave has been rewarded several times, in particular with the “Innovation Prize 2030”

Consumer Benefits

  • 100% online: account opening and zero paperwork
  • User-friendly: interface and evolution perspectives showing both an optimistic and a pessimistic scenario
  • Cost-efficient: WeSave offers lower fees than traditional brokers
  • Availability: the customer can chat or meet with wealth managers
  • Monthly updates: of the customer’s performance portfolio

How It Works

  • Open an account online in few minutes
  • Create a profile and answer a questionnaire to understand and analyze the risk profile of the user
  • The user can choose which type of product/contract they would like to use
  • The client can also meet in person with a wealth manager if he/she wants


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