Launch year: 2018
Country: Amman, Jordan
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Funds raised: $675K


Concept description

Whyise is an online-based fintech platform.

The company was founded in 2018 in Jordan, and it now employs approximately 20 people with a total capital of $675K.

Whyise created the “Impact Analytic Solution”. This product enables businesses to align their footprint with the most important sustainable criteria, by aggregating data in real-time.

Moreover, Whyise’s system offers innovative key features, such as a library with over +2000 indicators, multiple key performance indicators builder, and sector agnostic. But what makes the product interactive, is the dashboard available to each customer.

Value proposition

Whyise’s service offering help businesses to deploy their resources efficiently while focusing on sustainable commitments.

As anticipated, the Impact Analytic Solution collects data on the client’s economic, social, and environmental performance. This step is critical for determining each company’s specific drivers. Once completed the tailored assessment, the system produces higher transparency, compliance, governance, and reporting standards.

The ultimate goal is to reduce the cost of the impact of each company that joined the platform.

But how does Whyise achieve that? This process is possible thanks to a mapping and planning technology that combines customer and industry indicators. Moreover, the system adheres to three official sustainability standards:

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI),
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and
  • International Finance Corporation’s Environment, Social, and Governance Standards (ESG).

Whyise’s solution is available to both businesses and foundations/NGOs. To be more specific, when dealing with an enterprise, this fintech gathers information and insights from several internal departments (HR, Accounting, and Operations), and this overall company’s geographical locations. With this piece of information, Whyise can convert the data received into KPIs. This step is later translated into a dashboard where the consumer can measure, achieve, and control the realization of their impact in real-time.

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Again, the designed goals are always mindful of environmental concerns and customized based on each client’s needs.

With the data on hand, Whyise believes that every business can be more efficient in their decision-making process and, so, avoid a waste of resources.


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