Launch year: 2016
Country: Canada
Funds raised: $45M

Xanadu Quantum Technologies

Concept description

Xanadu created a technology that elevates artificial intelligence and quantum computing through a single quantum silicon photonic chip. The chip can be consolidated to a regular computer, opening a wide range of super computational capabilities. As a result, normal computers can perform calculations and solve problems faster and more efficiently than ever imagined.


Xanadu’s mission: “To build quantum computers that are useful and available to people everywhere”

Value proposition

Through the laws of physics, Xanadu designed a chip that uses:

  • photons rather than electrons, reducing the presence of heat noises,
  • light rather than heat, reducing the need for cooling, and
  • qumodes rather than qubits, exponentially increasing storage capabilities.

In the field of finance, Xanadu’s technology can be used to optimize portfolios, trading and fraud detection.

Illustration (Video)

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