Xapo is the world's first Bitcoin debit card

Country: United States

Year: 2013


  • Xapo allows users to pay everywhere directly in Bitcoin using the Xapo Debit Card.
  • Xapo made partnerships with payment institutions such as PayPal and Visa to enhance acceptance.
  • Xapo offers businesses a wallet with multiple accesses for employees and a system to manage teams allowing them to grant different permission levels.

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy: You can send money anywhere in the world instantly with your mobile application. The debit card is accepted everywhere in the world, on the internet or in local shops.
  • Reliable: Xapo benefits from VISA’s Worldwide reliability.
  • Safe: With the Capo wallet, money is well secured with the deep cold storage and multi-signature technology.

How To Use

  1. Create your Xapo account by following the easy steps on the website.
  2. Buy Bitcoins on the Xapo application by funding your account with your local currency.
  3. Use your money.
  4. Play games to win small amount of bitcoin with your Xapo application.


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