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Launch year: Founded in September 2017 – Launched in February 2019
Country: France
Funds raised: 1.6 Millions EUROS

Yeeld is a Neo Bank with a simplified banking solution

Concept description

Yeeld is a Neo Bank with a simplified banking solution (Current Account, Payment card, IBAN, …) mixed with innovative saving options. It is in the first place an application that allows users to save money safely, effortlessly and without realizing it. As such, the Neo Bank proposes 5 ways to save money :

  • Automatic rounding | The Application offers to aggregate all the user’s existing banking account such that when a transaction is done with a credit card of one of these accounts; the payment is  automatically rounded  and the excess is debited from the credit card linked to the application. This excess is then added to a specific account created for the saving.
  • 1, 2, 3, … 52! | A saving rule where the user save gradually each week. This method propose to save 1 € the first week, 2 € the second week, 3 € the third …. until 52 € the last week.
  • Heads or Tails | Chose an amount and save it every time you lose the heads or tails game.
  •  Instant saving | The user can save money whenever he wants thanks to the application and its credit card.
  • I save, then I Forget | The user can set once and for all an amount that will be saved automatically each week (up to 20€).

Value proposition

Yeeld proposal and benefits are as follows :

  • Yeeld is a solution to save money instantly.
  • Yeeld proposes to use your savings on the Amazon website and gain a 4% discount on your shopping.
  • Yeeld will help in the planning of a project like buying a future smartphone or a trip.
  • Yeeld provides a credit card that will only cost 9.90€. This card can use the money you saved or moneys you credited in.

Illustration (Video)

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