Launch year: 2017
Country: Italy
Funds raised: 11M €

Yolo: Internet first on-demand insurer

Concept description

Yolo is an online insurer startup.

Born in Milan, Italy, in 2017, they have 25 employees and raised 11M € funds.

Yolo provides an online platform for on-demand insurance policies.

It offers quotes for health insurance, travel insurance, smartphone insurance, tablet insurance, laptop insurance, sports equipment insurance, holiday rental insurance, dental insurance, alternative medicine insurance, national/international insurance, school trip insurance, etc.

It also offers AI-based quoting and distribution software solutions for banks and insurance companies.

Value proposition

The insurance coverage Yolo provides is offered on demand and is both simple and convenient to quote and purchase digitally. The coverage is for as much as customers want for as long as they want – think days or months rather than a 12-month term.

Yolo currently offers 11 different types of coverage, including :

  1. Yolo MIFIDO;
  2. Yolo appliances;
  3. Yolo  travel cancellation;
  4. Yolo flight protection;
  5. Yolo travel;
  6. Yolo smartphone & tablet.

Nonetheless, the company provides insurers with a flexible platform to create and manage their on-demand insurance offerings. The Yolo platform provides the following:

  • A marketplace fully integrated with the systems of major insurance companies
  • Front-end web technologies, web apps, and native apps (Android and iOS)
  • A chat system for “customer happiness”

Illustration (Video)

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