Launch year: 2017
Country: Switzerland
Funds raised: 6M CHF

Yova makes Impact Investing Easy

Concept description

Yova, created in 2017 by Tillmann Lang and Erik Gloerfeld, helps individuals do socially responsible investments by creating a personalised portfolio based on sustainable criteria and investor preferences.

Investing at Yova follows 4 steps:

  1. At the start of the investment process, Yova’ clients can choose between 16 themes such as “climate change”, “renewable energies” or “access to education” and 8 exclusion criteria such as “alcohol’, ‘tobacco’ or ‘weapons’.
  2. The client then creates his individual risk profile and receives a proposal from a set of 400 companies in which Yova would invest for him based on his information and parameters.
  3. Clients can customise their portfolio and select their favorites from over 800 additional companies
  4. When the investment strategy is decided, the investor portfolio is composed of 30 to 40 stocks, spread across different industries, countries, currencies and company sizes. In addition to stocks, each portfolio also contains some government bonds.

Yova analyses mid and large publicly traded companies on the basis of thirty sustainability criteria. Based on their score, Yova decides which companies can be included in the initial investment universe (~ 400 companies).

Value proposition

Yova has 4 main differentiating factors:

  • Ownership & Transparence: Unlike other automated or semi-automated solutions, which often invest through ETFs, each client of Yova always remains the direct owner of theirs securities. Yova has a portfolio management mandate, but each share remains the property of the client.
  • Guided, Value-Oriented and Flexible investment: No financial knowledge is required as customers are guided through the investment process. Based on investor’ key topics, Yova’s algorithm suggests an adapted investment strategy. The client can still add or remove any company and the algorithm always ensures that the client’s portfolio risk profile is respected.
  • All-in-Fee: Depending on the amount invested, costs vary between 0.6 and 1.2% per year of the amount invested . This is an “All-in-Fee” which means there are no additional charges such as transaction or closing costs. It means that customers can withdraw their investment within 7 business days without additional costs.
  • Low Minimum Investment: Investors can start investing with Yova from 2000 Swiss francs.

Illustration (Video)

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