Launch year: 2020
Country: Australia
Funds raised: $4.3 million in June 2020

Zeller – A better alternative to business banking

Concept description

Zeller was formed in early 2020, just prior to the Covid-19 crisis. This Fintech has the goal of helping Australian businesses to get access to better payment and banking services. The company mainly aims to create more up-to-date banking solutions for underserved small businesses.

Value proposition

Users can manage their cash flow from a single location within a Zeller Account, be it transferring funds, paying vendors, disbursing salaries or connecting to an accounting software for simpler bookkeeping. Users can also track the day’s sales, expenses, and account balance by logging into the Zeller Dashboard to generate reports, gain insights, tag  transactions, and categorize spending for better money management. Lastly, Zeller offers low rates for processing payments, fee-free accounts, and no ongoing terminal rental fees.

Illustration (Video)

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