Zenefits is a free cloud-based human resources solutions that helps companies organize their HR data

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Country: United States
Year: 2013

  • Zenefits is a free solution for human resources professionals looking to easily organize all HR information and data onto the cloud
  • Revenue is generated from companies purchasing insurance carriers or payroll administrators through the Zenefits platform, as they receive a referral fee


  • Zenefits offers free software as a service to companies in the US with 20 or more employees that are looking for a cloud-based human resources platform that helps manage payroll, employee benefits, insurance, and stock options
  • The platform helps HR professionals keep all necessary information synced to the cloud and organized in a simple and searchable fashion
  • Employees can also access the system to select their benefits or make changes to personal information such as their home address or contact information
  • The Zenefits platform allows companies to either integrate their current employee benefit offerings like health insurance and retirement plans or receive quotes and purchase new plans

Consumer Benefits

  • HR professionals are able to organize all important information such as employee benefits and payroll information in an intuitive, user-friendly way and have all of the information synced to the cloud – and it’s all for free
  • Employees are able to easily select their benefits during enrollment period, receive all onboarding materials, and update personal information all on the same system

How It Works


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