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Corporate Banking

PENTA: banking all in one platform for SMEs

Penta is a Berlin-based company which offers a digital financial services platform for businesses. Its main aim is to help SMEs save time and money. Penta’s strengths lie in providing company real-time spending overview, low foreign transfer rates, Mastercards for the employees linked with the company’s main bank account, with custom rules and permissions per card/employee and even some accounting features.

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Asset / Wealth Management

Croesus, leading provider of wealth management solutions reaches $1 trillion in client assets.

Since 1987, Croesus has been providing sophisticated wealth management solutions to financial institutions throughout North America. With its 180 dedicated employees, Croesus has built a reputation on the ability to efficiently transform data into information, develop portfolio management solutions to drive efficiency and deliver business intelligence for fact-based decision-making.

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Koïos positions itself as the first Canadian company to offer financial consulting services through artificial intelligence solutions, and to design smart systems for the financial & insurance industry.

Building on expertise from various fields such as artificial intelligence, financial risk management, quantitative finance and information technology, Koïos finds its place as the next leader in delivering intelligent solutions for front, middle and back-office financial operations.

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